Need a place to keep your weekend ride or next purchase?
Need space to work on your track / race car or project?
Need an occasional lift to maintain and wrench away on your race car, sports car, or even the daily driver?

Tired of Store-it-Yourself units where you can't work on your car or access it whenever you want?

Membership gives you 24 x 7 x 365 in / out access plus DIY areas and equipment for all your project needs.

And it's a great place to grab a coffee or catch the race!


GarageGruppe offers active storage for sports, exotic, classic, luxury, race and vintage vehicles of all varieties.

Active storage is more than just keeping and driving your car, we have paired that with a great space to both work and play, and a roster of educational, club, private and public events.


GG is your own fully equipped DIY shop available 24/7/365!

Have a restoration project or track build you want to take on but don’t want to buy a lift and lose your garage to the project? Need an occasional lift, engine hoist, or other specialty tools to maintain your growing collection, swap out the summers / snows, track car, or just change the oil in the family car?

Maybe you'll want to just pitch in on one of the other members projects or track cars....or dream up a new group build with the others.

24 x 7 In & out access

Now you can take your car out for a spin whenever you want. Or, swap out between 2 or 3 cars. We started GG because we didn't have enough room for our cars at home. Now you can have one at home and the others at GG....just swap out between your cars or come take a joy ride for the day, when ever you want.

MEMber lounge

We built a great casual lounge to watch the race, research projects, hang with other auto and race enthusiasts, or even take your next work Zoom meeting at the ultimate garage.

We wanted to give enthusiasts more than just a place to keep cars and work on their cars....get together with other members that are like-minded gear heads and talk about and share everything related to our passion.

-Workspace / Desk Counters
-Coffee / Espresso Bar
-Complimentary refreshments
-Sonos / Flat Screen TV
-PS4 w/ Race Seat and Wheel
-Various Publications like 000 Magazine and Magneto

Climate Controlled STORAGE

Our facility is climate controlled and secured 24x7. In addition, we can provide battery and tire pressure maintenance so you can get out on the road without flat spots.

wash bay

At GG we connected with Obsessed Garage and took their tips for a quick and simple set that you can use whenever you want.

Our setup includes pressure washer with stainless disconnects, Continental and Kobrajet hoses, Cox hose reel, Mosmatic/OG swiveling wand, and MTM foam canyon.

Use for a rinse or full detail, or just clean up your car after having it out for a drive.


We are planning a ton of different events for the car community and our members alike.

The space is great for a race watch party with our 4K Epson projector and 150" screen.

And if you are a car club needing a meeting place for you leadership hit us up, we'd love to have you anytime.

Future programming and experiences will include educational sessions, workshops, special guests, automotive art exhibits, motorsport and automotive roundtables, race watch parties for F1, to Indy, to MotoGP, etc. and much more.....and we'll probably throw in a drive or two plus some open times to just hang after various local car events.

Convenient LOCATION

Conveniently located in the West Metro of Minneapolis, GG is in Hopkins just West of Highway 169 and South of Excelsior Blvd.......not too far North of Opus and nearby to a bunch of great take out and delivery food options.

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